Epiphany 1979.


Epiphany 1979


I had a need to be freed.

I danced the dance of souls.

Mephistopheles held me close

as he carried me to that final dose.


Faust waited upon craven chair

as we waltzed within his lair.

We danced upon the steps

whirling and burning steps.


Mephisto hovered overhead

as we descended,

Steps hacked from obsidian

We passed through lifes ages.


As we danced with death

we passed Robert Johnson

skipping up, the blues flying

From a reborn guitar.


We fell through life 

a first level all must walk.

Roberts soul safe within

Fausts hessian sack.


We flew down to level seven.

It was far from any heaven.

But a beautiful woman

came and took me.

Set me free.


We flew to a new land.

It had words and poetry,

Bohemians and wordery.

And I gave away the punches

And bestiary.


Although I paid a price.

New friends, I had to sack

old friends and I became

a betrayer and sell out.

That was my biggest clout.

Paying for freedom.


© Mentalelf 2023
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