dedicated to a dear friend, Cheryl who died of cancer, a death hastened by contracting covid, and her devoted husband Roy, who too succumbed to the pandemic.

updated after edits suggested by StormWolf


your falcon flew into my heart

to tear out the corded pump from me.

you said “there comes a time to part

and you, my dove, must let me be.”


I felt your longing to be free

Body wasted, relentless pain


circling the sun your silhouette –

wings wide, rising, currents riding

into the eve and past gliding –

remains stamped true inside my eyes.


letters re-opened, read, reread,

present everywhere your presence


I’ve waited for our reunion –

heart’s space locked, a vacant lot –

to banish the desolation

of love temporarily lost.


I close my eyes and rise to you

folded into the shape of you

© Bhi 2022
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critique and comments welcome.
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I stand in awe! The imagery is delightful; another poem to savour – thank you.


Excuse the expression ‘delightful’ – what I meant, was that it was moving.


A really well presented piece, this, Bhi. You describe that loss excellently in my humble opinion, and you choose a really emotive characterisation in the falcon. This is the sort of passion that I have a passion for! It has the ability to reach people’s core and awaken love anew. (I say this from the viewpoint that there is really only one love, and it has the ability to present itself in different guises.)


A lovely tribute Bhi. What a shock, to wake up alone after being together all that time.


Decent poem, but found the flow disjointed and could not reconcile the use of the falcon with the dove.

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