Soul of a text

A text written
lives longer;
bonsai in
a lounge,
fossil in
a library.

When you’re
writing about
truly describing
your life,
your experience,
you are also
drawing others.

The soul rises, sets,
in the different parts
of the soil, lightens
leaves of distant lives
like the sun, day and night.  

© supratik 2023
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But do we properly write now? I mean, putting our self into ink on paper? When the Solar flare burns out all the saved memory on our devices – non more so that messages, what will we have left to remember? Thank you, for me, a timely thought.


it is essential indeed as you say, Supratik, I sometimes forget it (and usually that makes me a good reader not writer). It is, however, the only thing that brings me back to writing and reconnect with a pure intention stemming from I, one that has no room for ‘you’ because if it had I would never be able to draw others, I would be drawing only me distracted and therefore corrupted.


Interesting poem and use of similes. However, you lost me with the first sentence. “A Text written lives longer”: granted than a bonsai, but a fossil, with it history stretching both back and into the future?


I love the analogy of a piece of text being like a Bonsai ..a living entity that needs careful attention to keep it original and concise. The meanings of anything can be lost when repeated endlessly like Chinese whispers. I loved reading the autobiographies of the masters but we are all a work in progress and no matter what our experiences, our thoughts and inner yearnings are private. I am maybe going right off course here but I look to nature to connect to past and future. It comforts me to look at the moon or the stars and know… Read more »

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