Strange Advent

This one came after the loss of an Iranian family in the channel; and it seemed ironic, that as we, as a culture, were celebrating the birth of one refugee child, while another had drowned; such is our human condition.

                      Strange Advent                                                             


But Jesus said, “Suffer the little children, and forbid them not,

to come unto me: for of such

is the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 19:14


Have you not heard?

Christmas has been cancelled.

There’ll be no celebration,

and no meeting and greeting,

in the Covid season.


So, please tell the wise men,

In their four-wheeled drives:

they can return home to Persia,

for the family they are seeking,

have now lost their way.


Fortunately – or not, they

seem to have found the means,

through greedy eager men –

so very happy to help –

 only needing to be paid,

to send them on their way.


So, the refugee family –

fleeing from danger,

do finally arrive,

to where the sea divides;

across to where they pray,

safety will finally lay.


Their last money is now spent,

with the familiar greedy men:

by paying for the transport,

meant to carry them over,

to where they can recover,

in the distant promised land.



In despair – ignoring portents,

they give their consent,

to board the flimsy raft:

Yusef – Maryam – and child;

they are – as always will be,

lost refugees cast upon the sea.


Such a strange Advent;

star-shells illuminating

the Boarder Force – seeking

abroad the recessive sea;

while fishermen now dread,

what may lie in their nets.


So, have you not heard?

Christmas has been cancelled.

with no celebrations;

no meeting and greeting,

in the Covid season.

The Christ-child is not to be found:


        he is drowned


                                               D G Moody 2020


© Dodgem 2021
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it seems that children’s Herods are many, sometimes it’s their own biological parents who abort a perfectly normal baby and its mother’s life would not be in peril during pregnancy and labour and it was a baby of a legitimate or proper relationship not rape.

the irony is always the same, Herodic Irony.


A very powerful presentation of the case, Dodgem. This, and other instances, fall heavy on my heart and conscience. I may be speaking out of turn here, but it disgusts me just as much that the UK government are giving millions of passports to Hong Kong Chinese residents (if they want them)… I repeat, m-i-l-l-i-o-n-s, and yet foster hatred, misinform, and inflate the consequence of your ‘Christ child’ and those who begot him/her. (*Gets off soapbox – exits stage right*)



D, the best way to write is from the gut, when the emotions are coursing and the words coalescing, solidifying in spite of the scotch.

As you say could do with a polish but hard hitting poem.



I can relate to this,having been a refugee most of my life. I was not sure what was meant by these lines:

“Such a strange Advent;
star-shells illuminating
the Boarder Force – seeking
abroad the recessive sea;”

otherwise a fine base for polishing.

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