Absurdity of life.


Absurdity of Life


Stumbling through rows

Upon rows….

Of headless flowers.

Wandering wildly

At the assassination

Of such beauty.


Someone told me at school

There was a heaven

And a headman whose name

Was god.

They told me of gates above

And endless caress of love.


And another place of fire

That waited for me if 

I strayed from paths so dire.

But I never believed for a moment

Never told a prayer

Not one that was true.


Instead I listened to Camus

And his old mate Kafka.

I looked at Faustian scriptures

And swore at the rich

in St Peters,

As everyone turned to shit.


When I go I want you

To promise me

My old bones will

Be burned to ashes

And mixed with a glass

Of Jamesons.


For everyone to taste

My disbelief. 

And toast my time


Delivering peace.


The Absurdity of Life







© Mentalelf 2023
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don’t know why but after reading this I wanted to listen to Kavinsky’s Roadgame, is that normal?

good work


Where do you get the time – and the talent, to post so many interesting poems? I liked the honesty here; it seems to me that there are only two realities we, as humans can comprehend: one, that allows for a transcendence beyond the material, or other, the purely material – aka Richard Hawkins; though, maybe science is now hedging the bet – quantum physics and all that jazz!


I enjoyed readying your poem, Mentalelf.

Camus, eh! Some may say the father of the EU idea. (As I live in the EU, I should say that wasn’t said sarcastically!) But a fascinating man nonetheless.

I must admit that I don’t see life as absurd, incomprehensible would be my preferred word, but each to his own is a very important tenet when we consider this experience don’t you think.

I appreciated the analogy of the rows of headless flowers. Too many headless ones I think!



Sad. But good work! Sad because a chunk of the population who needed to stay on the ship are deserting it not because they are the rats, but they are the good lot. The good lot are turning atheists and agnostics, the majority of the ones who are staying on the ship are causing the shipwreck. You have used ‘burning to ashes’ as a protest, but it is not so in the case of the Hindus. But I quite understand and appreciate your viewpoint. On the whole, it’s very well written. Camus said that he believed in Jesus, but not… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by supratik

Dear Phil,
I have copied your response and pasted it on a word document. I will come back with a response, maybe as an attachment.
Supratik feels inadequate; he has no magical power, no miracle to offer, his English skills is not very ‘English’ either, but he feels this needs answering. He feels that Phil is an aspect of Supratik that is questioning him. Please wait for my response.


Dear Phil, At the outset, I would like to say that my response is not to convince anyone on the path toward spirituality where people like Jesus and several sages had been many years ago. Hinduism is one of the oldest ‘belief system’ (not a religion, contrary to popular belief and it is 8000 years old) that is designed in a way so that it relieves its followers (anybody who follows the system, or the method) from any kind of diseases and ailments (mental, physical, psychological), accidents and or mishaps. I will not tell you any story, though stories are… Read more »


A small correction. The brothers and sisters referred to here are my cousins. In India, cousins are considered as brothers and sisters; we are attached to them as we are to our siblings. I have only one elder brother. We didn’t communicate for years because I ‘thought’ he was giving me a tough time; never realized that life was a ping-pong ball and the reason he gave me a tough time was because I had thrown him a wrong ball at some point in time not comprehensible to me. Now when I started working on myself my brother came back… Read more »


I have no experience of Camus but I do of the absurdity of life! I learned many years ago to give anyone who thought they had it all sussed a wide berth. The more I have studied, the more I have suffered and grown, the more I become aware of just how little I actually know about anything! Looking back , life was often more comforting and reassuring when I could take on second hand what my parents taught me…and it was what their parents taught them… There was a certain (but short lived) time of being cossetted by Sunday… Read more »

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