The relativity of departures


Your friends are always there,
no matter how much less you see them
year by year, and even when they are departed
they remain your friends in constant presence;
and when after some long while,
some years, perhaps, you meet again,
it’s only as if you’d last been together yesterday,
they are the same, your friendship never changes,
and it only grows more strong and intimate
the longer it goes on for decades,
to, when finally the link is cut,
it is established definitely and forever
as a friendship that can never be let down
and never interrupted even by some death
that only serves as ultimate establishment
and confirmation of the kind of love that never dies.


© aurelio 2023
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This is a very well structured poem, taking a reader on a journey to the unavoidable ending of life but not of love and friendship.

Very much enjoyed.


You have a redundant comma ‘decades,to,when finally’, and maybe needs some more punctuation? Such minor quibbles apart – and please excuse that – I found the poem an eloquent expression of the enduring aspect of friendship; thank you.

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