ripples from the past

Someone threw a stone in a pond a long way away, and the ripples converged in a sushi bar on Tottenham Court Road.

Title edit thanks to stormwolf



Late night and fancying sushi

Stepped up Tottenham Court Road –

The lower ground bar discovered

When at uni and taste noted

Salivating frequented much.


Ordered tan-men without noodles –

Can’t take carbs, goes straight to my butt –

When she asked, “you’re eating alone?”

I saw her darkly reflected

broken mirror above the bar.


“Remember me? It’s Genevieve.”

Rich echoes of an aged summer

She studying med, deep in debt

On her uncle’s farm we laid pipes

Watering onions, lettuce


Culminating in snatched kisses,

Ardent nights before autumn broke –

ripples now lapping at my heart

I turn gathering you, open

to the sudden resurrection.

© Bhi 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Awww lovely! The last two lines seals the poem with class.
By the way, I think the title is a bit awkward. The ‘Ripples from the past’ would suit it much better imho. 😉

Alison x


Ah! That looks much better! Great title and nice poem to boot. Yes, I sort of believe in fate but not as something set in stone. I believe in Divine Timing and also creative visualisation. So we can unconsciously create an event that happens in Divine timing! I do see the universe as a magical place beyond words and mostly beyond human understanding. When we try to squash it all into a concise statement, we limit the workings of the miraculous. We also have free will so, we can be ‘fated’ to meet someone..but we may choose otherwise or the… Read more »


For me the universe revolves and evolves around the unselfish desires of all life to become. Hope springs eternal

Everything is in the process of becoming. There is divine structure through sacred geometry and I go by Tesla who says, in order to understand the universe, we have to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.


I am trying hard Alison to like people who are not like-minded, but I invariably nod my head in approval every time I read you; your texts, your comments. I have decided to stop judging myself with severity and sternness. 🙂


Bless you Supratik
We sing the same song


Agree with Alison’s comments on this piece. For some reason I’m stumbling on these two lines:
“When at uni and taste noted
Salivating frequented much.”
Sometimes fate is running into an old flame and thanking God the break-up happened!


The ripple effect is good writing from someone with a strong background in mathematics, yes, patterns do matter. Even before reading Stormwolf’s comments, I marveled at the closing two lines. Now I am curious to know what the title was. Who are you? I think I have read you before…somewhere beyond the UKA?

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