Part 19

Corrupted.  From birth. Immediate intervention. Strangulation.  The restriction.  The choking. The removal.  Every other breath. Of any future conscience.  Of conscience.  Of a future.  Anything.  The corruption of nurture. Birth is death.  Our aim. To corrupt them.  We.  Their nature.  For us. Any intervention.  I have seen. Children.  Strangle mothers.  As young three or four.  Use blades.  Slash windpipes.  Just nature.  We removed nurture.  These. Hollow vessels. Empty.  Remorseless.  No need for them.  To think. Respond. React. No past. No future.  Malignant.  As good as dead. You want.  To see.

© swissterrace 2023
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ST, I marvel at your skill in conjuring up the most vivid images with so little verbage. And so true the story you paint.


good poem.

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