The overlooked oxymoron

Organizations, by their
very nature, compete,
make profits, want to 
supersede each other. 
At times, they’d even
cannibalize, to survive,
or to be on the throne.

Spirituality, a journey
into the unknown,
empowers individuals
to embark on their own;
it’s an education less 
taught, more learned, 
and experienced alone.

Spiritual organizations,
therefore, an oxymoron.

© supratik 2023
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Absolutely and aren’t we seeing the lack of spirituality expressed by the major corporations now!

Unless of course, we are talking about satanism. Then it fits perfectly!

Alison x


An old tale – can’t recall who’s: The devil and a friend are taking a walk; up ahead, they see a man stoop down and pick something up – then pop into his pocket. The friend asks the devil – “did you see what he picked up?” “Yes”, the devil replied “a piece of the truth”. “Well, that can’t be good for you” – said the friend. “Not at all – I’ll just let him organise it”.

Anyway, I liked the poem, it speaks truth.

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