Chasing the horizon

Are we all aware that we’d die?
Nah, the education teaches
us to forget death. The addiction
to neglect the inevitable has 
seeped through the nerves, over
generations, through nexus,
slowly taking the global 
situations from bad to worse.

Despite losing lives every 
now and then, we don’t talk
about the unwritten taboo,
that my time will also come.

Schools, across the world
had never included it in 
the curriculum; we have 
sex education, not death 
education. Moral science, 
although not included in the 
mainstream was at least 
present even a decade ago, 
but now, it had been shown 
the door.

Adolescent violence, loaded 
guns with due license,
rubbers, condoms have invaded
the innocuous schoolbags
that once carried books,
tiffin boxes, at times, goodies
for celebrating birthdays.

Meaningful, engaging effort
from parents, leaders, educators,
with a promise to gift the children 
their least deserved innocence 
seems like chasing the horizon.

© supratik 2023
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what if there is no Death and it’s a revolving door and you start all over again as tabula rasa? what if the Wheel is an Engine of all possible Dreams in all possible durations? maybe we needed an idea like death, maybe we lived somewhere there was such a thing and it was a blessing an honor the ultimate too and have to wake up to find it again.
the title is perfect.

Last edited 2 years ago by ifyouplease

As always a lot to chew on. Not sure I ‘d agree to have death as a subject in the curriculum. I’d rather we taught children how to live their lives to the fullest. Death will come; why load them with paranoia about it.

And was not sure what this meant:

The addiction
to neglect the inevitable has 
deep down the nerves,



In my mind death is inevitable, but, to correct you, i have not defined it as a load on the tender minds; there are subjects that they learn about as they grow older; history is rife with death and destruction, and to focus, and that is my argument, on death itself will do nothing to broaden their minds or horizons. Let them enjoy being children – and “to enjoy” carries sub texts – who defines enjoyment etc. Life is much more than death.

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