You can go on travelling forever
searching without finding,
while right at the next door
love is always there
and waiting for you
patiently in vain forever,
and you miss it constantly
just by going off and searching for it.
Love demands no effort
but is instantaneous
and the more so the more true it is,
like just some moment’s flash
as brief as any lightning
lighting up eternity the more
and nonetheless for its abbreviated brevity,
like the enlightenment of Buddha,
just a passing moment and no more
eternalised in lasting world religions
and the old ones totally reformed.
No distance, no time, no effort
count in love but only the existence
of one soul emerging from itself
to care for someone else
in faithfulness, compassion, truth,
constructiveness and understanding.


© aurelio 2023
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Wonderfully penned. Loved reading and learning from it.

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