An introductory prayer from Mary

The opening poem from a collection titled “The life and times of Mary” who may or may not be an alter ego, and may or may not have existed.

An introductory prayer from Mary


Lord, father, ghost, these are my prayers,

My cries born of the branch, my fears,

These are my dying dreams, my hopes,

They are the sharpening past, its tears.


Lord, my words pencilled, doubly inked

Stare at me from the shrouded page – 

Stars bright, unbright, long dead, 

To me still alive, without age.


Untilted, gravity beckons,

The grave, open, appled,

Leers with its one eye,

A grand bingo, beacons


Flaring, burning through the chill

And I am tempted to close, bend,

Then she, her face, her tall boned will,

Pulls, points me to another end. 


I sheathe the blade, pick up my pen.

© Bhi 2023
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I think many of us look at both the blade and the pen, and it’s a toss up. For me I enjoyed this, I picture you hunched over a pad with your pen. But I also see Sisyphus, which is there in us all if we allow him in. Will Mary pray again? Cheers. Phil.

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Bhi, passionate lines in this prayer. Like the surprise line, “A grand bingo, beacons,” Dying dreams but stars long dead yet still alive to Mary. Contrasts. Almost seems a prayer to her muse, not god.


THE grave? are you talking about THAT grave?


so is this Mary not Virgin Mary but Mary Magdalene?

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