Just another night

What was tonight?

Whiskey and water.


Arguments surreptitiously


“My husbands a cunt.

But I stay with him.

He fucked the next door neighbour!

I told that bitch and she left.”

Cigarette passes between lips.

Smoke inhaled.

Scared of the night.

Afraid to leave, 

Afraid to stay.

Lost in a miasma

Of friendship love and fear.

Strangers awash in the bar

Frighten me,

I have to pass their

Lives to achieve my goal.

Lost and alone surrounded by

Friendship and mental loss.

Why does he look at me like that?

Why do I look at myself like this?

More booze, more booze.

It means nothing.

Its all just



© Mentalelf 2023
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You throw out these little gems as easily as a bartender pulling a pint.

Indeed, what was tonight? A night captured in a flow of consciousness; a night that allows me to question what I am and where I want to go – to document the absurdity of life and inject it with beauty.


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