The joyful pursuit of imperfection


The teapot in the charity shop window

Spout stained, broken and repaired

I bought it for three pounds fifty,

Placed it where my eye lands

looking up from my unfinished writing


© Bhi 2023
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Lovely! I do think old stuff that’s just a bit damaged is very pleasing and also often a bargain.

The search for perfection is in itself sometimes flawed. For example, a perfect piece Georgian furniture tell us nothing, whereas a stained and scratched piece is a novel waiting to be written.

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Well said.
Despite imperfections, every object can tell a story and have sentimental value.


oh wow wabi-sabi and an interesting wiki page for what it means, I was an ignoramus on this matter too, or should I say ‘foreign terminology’ but I am glad I found it because of this poem. I am never interested in the history objects acquired from the handling of other humans or various circumstances, I would however pay a lot for a cup in any auction that was found intact, a cheap one, where a hurricane uprooted trees and put my pencils in it oh I think I have a poem now. I will add a link to this… Read more »


The problem with this piece is it’s pretty much perfect.


Perfect. And it shows how much you can convey with few words as you have. Its touched people, who all do similar things, but your words have brought it to life, cheers nice, I’m glancing around now looking for my own broken treasures and suddenly without your poem they’re all there. Wabi sabi. Cheers.

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