Sun On The Hill

This is the title poem of my collected poems.

Daw haul ar fryn is pronounced dow hile ar vrin

Sun On The Hill


“Daw haul ar fryn”

they say in Wales,

“Sun will come on a hill”.

So put on your wellies,

get out in the rain,

and let life’s weather

send what it will.


Though the landscape

is nought but storm-tossed sky

with never a sign of a hill,

as the storm exults,

and the clouds unfold.

The hills will reveal

themselves, lurking still

and somewhere there

on a distant hill

a velvet patch of gold.




© Daffni 2023
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Has it been published yet? Good luck with it. 🙂
Luigi x



I was reading this and as i neared the end the clouds here parted and a ray of sun fell through the chink.

Please more of these to drive the rain and cold away.



It has to rain to make a sunny day worth while. Or like I tell my daughter (over and over), what kind of world would it be if nothing bad could ever happen?


‘a velvet patch of gold.’ What a promise, Daffni! Brilliant. Much more powerful than a field of daffoldils. Somewhere to cwtch when the clouds roll away, eh.


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