Dance Through life.


Dance Through life.


Take a walk down the line.

Tell em all “its mine”.

When they get in yer face.

Tell em “its all our place”!


Walk on tall.

Don’t you take a fall.

Show em all its your place

Its no disgrace to walk tall.


Yeah come on dance about

maybe twist and shout.

Laugh in their faces!

As you rock and roll.


So don’t you want to 

twist and shout

What its all about?

Put away that pout.


Left foot forward

Right foot next

Dance yer beetle boots

Till you can’t dance no more.


Right foot forward,

left foot twist.

So come on shake it out

ss you twist and shout.


If they don’t like it

It doesn’t matter

Dance your heart out

Scream and shout.


And if you can’t dance

You can still do it

Carefully in your soul

As you fight that longest haul.








© Mentalelf 2023
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This is a joyous anthem! One to sing out aloud.



Ah! The fabulous four! But more… you have twisted some fine words into a passionate meme! Love it.

(Reminds me that I read a newly translated flash fiction by Haruki Murakami involving the Beatles in the New Yorker this week. If you are interested in such.)


The link to the online Muakami thing is this (remove spaces between w’s and in ‘com’):
w w w.newyorker.c o m/contributors/haruki-murakami
Hope you enjoy.

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