The only people for me 


The only people for me 


Are the mad ones.

The ones who flare and flame,

Blast their way

Across the universe

In words of all kinds.

Babbling coherent

And incoherent as…

They fight to find 

The world to live on.


Shabby looking,

Slim from lack

Of sustainable


They shine the brightest.

Flying high

On drugs and drink

And way out ideas

That fry the 

Unprepared mind

To ashes.


To ashes of fidelity

Non conformity

Unshakeable believability.

Words words words

Cascade from some place

That only they know

As they pound on

Keyboards or scratch

With cheap pens and pencils

Their lives brought

Near, clear and bare.

These are mine to love.


All thoughts pass.

Missed and forgotten

As they stumble past.

Only one….

The thought of death lingers

In imagined peace

As all turns to ashes

Only thoughts

Carry the soul of

Consciousness to

Its next beginning.

Thoughts are what we

leave behind for star-crossed

minds on which to dwell.


© Mentalelf 2023
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This is an absolute rush! The white lines can wait for another day! let the pens strike gold.



good writing always get read and appreciated. Your writing has a force that makes it irresistible reading. Look forward to more from you.

i always avoid the tourists – luckily i know people in most of the countries that I visit and manage to mingle with the locals and get to see what is hidden off the beaten track.



Never tourists – we’d be in the back street bars sharing stories and discussing love and lovers lost with the locals.


But I can never fall asleep reading this one. Good.


Fascinating. Will have to re read it several times, i think.


This is a fantastic, passion-bursting, truly life-affirming poem which rips mediocrity to shreds. Love it. Raw, visceral and sincere.

Reminded me of Charles Bukowski. Are you a fan of his?

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