The Importance of Forgetting

Should old acquaintance be forgotten. Happy New Year!

In the secret corporate biotech laboratory, two white-coated men watch the sixty-seventh mouse tremble with terror, immobile after one mild electrical shock that would not faze a normal mouse.

The subject, another prime specimen from a new, multimillion dollar, genetically-engineered, super intelligent, memory enhanced, lab-mouse bloodline that solves problems, learns mazes faster, remembers cues like no other rodents in history.

After the mouse dies in a final paroxysm, the senior PhD says to the junior PhD, “Well, I guess it’s important to be able to forget.”

© ChairmanWow 2023
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very dark and cuts straight to the point. I always used to lean towards the “mislaying of memories” but will have to rethink that.

I would take out the “shaking” – “paroxysm” has already covered that.


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