Never Fades

A life unlived, cut short before reaching ten


I need a good head start, you said –

on the way back from the park

one last sprint uphill, road clear

girls, lunch (smoothies, ice cream) waiting.

count to ten, eyes closed, promise, you said –


One: I heard you, feet light, racing

Two: Imagined you sun washed rising

Three: fearing not the heat, shining

Four: love armoured, bright a star

Five: on the track, in the class much prized

Six:  full scholarship to MIT

Seven: introducing us to Mary

Eight: then your twins, Daniel and Eve


Ni…..metal screams hot, tyres burn braking


Unhinged I run, you lie unwinged

Unmoving, blood haloed, fading

Briefly eyes open, willed focus


“did I win?”

“Yes, Dan, yes you did.” 


Inside me you still live racing

effortless moving away up that hill


never reaching ten

© Bhi 2023
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There is something quite disturbing when a life is suddenly cut short, isn’t there. And so young too.

Your poem illustrates the suddenness so well, and without actually stating the cause your skill with words allows us all to imagine it.

I like the way in which your protagonist lives on to remember the deceased. There is a bonus (?) in being remembered in the prime of life, fit and able – it’s almost an honour.



Sad poem. It gives the visuals needed to connect and a nice alternate history.

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