In love for the first time.

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In love, it took fifty-five years.


Four years ago I fell in love

With a beauty sweet and fair.

She was all my life as we danced

And whirled to music at the fair.


She was the first true love

I’d ever had that was real

And we laughed and talked

And caressed and walked.


She looked like Joan Baez

And her voice was soft and clear.

Took me to places I didn’t

know where fire was in the air.


All the other women had been

Lonely stop gaps.

As I waited for her to come

I’d walked the world alone.


I held her as she held me

And whispered sounds of love.

She was Glaswegian

And was my holy dove.


The mind she used was a mighty thing.

We talked throughout the night

we thought we’d last forever

but it didn’t come to be.


All the women who’d gone before,

I realised were childlike imitations

Of what love could be.

She opened up my mind and my eyes  could see.


But she noticed my mind was held by

The thinest of threads like spiders webs.

And she saw right through my insanity.

And decided with tears this can’t be.


I couldn’t help my mindless mind

floating about a son so kind.

So it broke and twisted and slashed

my head, transference took me from her bed.


I don’t blame her for her self protection

It left me broken and without.

But all she said was true I’m on that

crumbling ledge, and the little it takes to push

me tumbling from that edge.


So now my hearts still broken

I don’t need anyone else.

Ive tasted for that short time

The measure of true love.


I’ve been brutalised and crucified

And lost the mightiest thing called love.

And love I feel when I think of that beautiful dove.

All gone to waste because my mind broke beyond repair.


I’ll never find another who’s mind

Shone so bright and I could talk to

Throughout the darkest night

I guess I’ll always miss her flight.


The mind, the conversation, the sensuality.

I’d like to take myself back to that cruel sea.

Because I’m broken and have no desire

for an imitation of Laura and all she was to me.

© Mentalelf 2023
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Nor should you go for an imitation!

These are great lines:

But she noticed my mind was held by
The thinnest of threads like spiders webs.
And she saw right through my insanity.

Love – that feeling of suspended peaceful emptiness which, when it is time, we must let go of because we love.

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