The Bahama Nuthatch

When Hurricane Matthew struck the island of Grand Bahama in 2016, the nuthatch disappeared, and some feared it was extinct. In 2018, researchers rediscovered the bird.

Buffeted and bruised by a tropical cyclone

with rotating high-speed winds, I survived.

I lost all my friends and now I am alone.

Being a female bird I have been deprived

of the chance of laying eggs to incubate.

I danced on branches and softly sang

but I failed to attract one feathered mate.

I am inconsolable and feeling a pang.


I scan the horizon and scrutinise the skies

to see if I can spot another alive Nuthatch

I am lachrymose and have unseeing eyes

despairing I won’t find a suitable match.

The last hurricane that struck the Bahamas

decimated innumerable endangered birds;

it was an occurrence of significant drama

and an experience that was beyond words.


That kind of weather is rather worrying

because it happens over and over again;

it’s a condition called global warming

caused by gases such as co2 or methane

At one time our habitat was a paradise,

it has now been lost but can be regained;

let the sun shine and people be nice

with peace and harmony to be sustained.


© Luigi Pagano 2020


© ionicus 2023
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a wonderful poem filled with sadness but also with a great hope.



Nice poem. From Eskimo curlews to elephant birds in Madagascar, I get a special outrage whenever I learn of another feathered species that was wiped out by man.


Yes, so sad. Pity she can’t fly to my garden as a nuthatcg is feeding on the nuts daily. Don’t know if it’s a she or a he but very pretty.
I saw yesterday somehere on the net or the news that the protective masks we are currently all supposwed to wear are now being discarded and small animals and birds metting theor doom in them. Oh it was countyfile but no one else seems to be mentioning it.


I think my nuthatch may be plus a wife, I seem to see at least one several times a day.
I watch all Attenboroug’s films. He’s wonderful

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