All That Glitters . . . .

Look what’s on the box.


I bought myself a flat-screen TV,

with HDMI.

So I could see the world more clearly.


I saw the individual hairs on a lion’s

mane. The subtle melange of colours

within the Gobi desert landscape and

every droplet on flowers of manicured

Chelsea Lilies.


I watched the many sparkling eyes of a

tiny jumping spider as it stalked tiny flies

in a garden jungle and saw how it sucked

its victims to a tiny husk.

Viewed scything teeth of wolves on their kills.


I inspected unwanted wrinkles under

supermodels’ eyes. Worry lines on prime-

ministers’ faces. The defiant callous

expressions of Russian leaders and fear

on the faces of their cabinets.


I examined ragged edges of brightly painted

metal on fuselages ripped by explosives.

Suitcases laying in summer green grass and

the play of sunlight reflected from rivulets of

children’ blood trickling down dusty streets

of occupied cities.

© Guaj 2023
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Be careful what you wish for… I like the build up to the last stanza; like progression through the gears.


perception is fishy and loves focusing all of a sudden on suffering, as an empath I had to learn how to control my own perception, never to forget what actually takes place when you are about to open a glittering box and never to stay focused on the ugly side of life.

very nice poem!


Great poem,

Like the measured objective and non judgemental way this builds up and then forces the reader to the sit and take notice at the end.

As the saying goes – we look but do not see….



God, this is powerful stuff, Guaj! I like the way you told what your screen portrayed to your eyes without actually telling the effect they had upon you – we are left to imagine, and, have our own interaction with what you describe.

Shocking isn’t it, what a TV can bring to our eyes – when we are looking.



The ending kicked me in the guts..or as a healer would put it…got me right in my emotional energy center. We have to be more conscious of what reality really is. For far too long we just accept what is the given narrative. High definition as you expose here, can be the catalyst for seeing the real truth in full technicolour. A whistle-blower drone soldier has come our recently and exposed what it does to the soul to play with a deadly killing machine as though it was a game on the PC. To divorce the person from the reality… Read more »

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