psalm 22 v 1

Psalm 22 v 1
‘Why have you forsaken us?’
Easter Sunday
from long neglected cathedra
across empty rain cleansed holy squares
weedy men in giants’ robes
pronounce hackneyed promises
of everlasting happiness
through microphones
to statues, icons,
and pigeon flocks
at Beachy Head
the hopeless queue
to cast off their cares
singly or in families
arm in arm, hand in hand
as they go
some call out, ‘Geronimo!’
exhibitionists synchronise
back-drop half-twists
others shuffle noiselessly
all finish on the rocks below.

© coolhermit 2023
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Weedy men in giant’s clothes. Brilliant!
Can’t say I’ve ever been to Beachy Head.


A stark and sparse piece well modulated.

What else can i say? “All that see them fall laugh them to scorn, shoot the lip, knowing not that their lord will be waiting. In their falling is the certainty of their rising.”


Love it!


Brilliant! Horribly true.
Alison x

Yes, they are and many, many people will go to their own version of “Beachy Head” as the festive season wears on. So many beyond hope with practically NO help whatsoever. If they shut down the gyms in Edinburgh again I fear for my son. (and many others) who rely on it to try to remain sane. I believe the day is almost upon us when the people will rise up and find their power over the ir overlords but that is just my opinion. 😉 Merry Christmas anyway. The poem was incredibly pertinent for today’s world. My heart breaks… Read more »


Interesting that a place gets known for being the end of the line. Reminds me of the stories of the forest around Mount Fugi. Regarding the forced isolation by the government, where I live the people and businesses ignore them but that may change here soon, even with the vaccines and the courts ruling against it. Strange times.

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