I wash my hands of all responsibility

the presumed death of is

I wash my hands of all responsibility

Edited – 11th December 2020


When mourning passes into eve

and all that was is is was,

all that was his is was,

all that is is ruins of is and was

Annan crawls out from beneath his heavy brow,

surveys his expansive diminished estate,

sees nothing, just God’s strange shadows,

charred angles of redacted flesh

flashed into the rising rungs of dust,

looks down at his own red rinsed hands,

marvels at death’s architecture

framed in such a wondrous structure.


Satisfied, he folds himself back into slumber.


© Bhi 2022
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I loved the feeling of depth and philosophy in this, the wording and the emotions they engendered in me as I read it. The inevitability of death when all that was, is no more but in some ways remains in the mind and heart. Yet again in our humanity and the limitations of the finite brain trying to make sense of the infinite we ponder….so sometimes we go by metaphors or imagery according to our individual world views. I do not know who ‘Annan’ is? Perhaps he is any man, Adam or another Archetype. I read when he ‘crawls out’… Read more »

yeah same question who is Annan? the only Annan that came to mind was Kofi Annan in which case the secretary of the United Nations role is similar to Pontius Pilate.

meanwhile there’s a typo in the title.
I hope it’s not an Annan based on the real Kofi Annan, I wish we had old uka’s special journal section. if we had it here then this would be the showcase section with some comments and critique and we wouldn’t need the forums to talk extensively about what we read or wrote.


Really powerful piece with so few words, Bhi.

It is ‘Annan’ that is sticks out and forces inquisitiveness and consideration. Well done, I feel: Always leave ’em wanting more. 🙂


[Edited because my name needed more: Another ‘L’] ;Q

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