Harpooning the Whale

A Lampoon, I think… At any rate, it’s the first thing I have penned for an age…

Boris has badly bruised 

his broad-beamed British bulldog.

Like an Orwellian Churchill, 

he sucks on the butt-end of a joke cigar –

a stogey, for the bogeyman of Europe.

The ‘Prima Obscura’ of sunny uplands,

turned Captain Ahab 

to his wailing ship of fools.


It’s hard for a bard to pen the epic saga

of this sagging Aga Khan.

The Lexicon Brexitcon –

Anglo Saxon action plan –

that neither acts nor plans

on behalf of the better half of England.


Churchill Two calls down the Furies

on the EU – Herman Melville’s

New Moby Dick –

And a crew of dullards polishes

the harpoons, in sick fascination.

A nation of speculators chasing a whale.

A monster mammal much harder to swallow

than the tale of blubber from babbling Boris.


We’re due to hit the rocks

before the clocks go forward,

and Albion loses an hour.   And yet…

We get to watch the World

draw clear of our wreckage,

as hapless leavers reckon to measure

The yawning gap.


© franciman 2023
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Enjoyed this.

I gather that you did not vote to leave like most sane people. It is a total mess – remember waking up the day after and friends phoning saying it all a bad dream. Bit like Trump becoming president!

Just wasn’t sure what you meant by getting to watch the world draw clear……..


Ah, I see what you mean. Maybe we’ll get back to being a nation of shopkeepers….something to look forward to….not that we’ll be able to do any shopping if covid-19x is still around.



Not a Remainer by any chance, Jim? 🙂

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