Camera Obscura

I originally called this piece “Reality Questioned”, however that seemed rather a cliché.  Our reality is being changed for us: Some say the result of our meddling with Nature and disturbing the environment of animals, but I believe it is much more than that. We are fearing the tiniest or floating particles in the air, yes, but we are also being forced to change the very everyday aspect of our lives… and are seeing things through new eyes.



I woke this morning on a breath
That came from somewhere unknown.
The room became lit with opal light
Threatening my sense of presence.
The window view was Winter-bleak and wet,
void of so much green; untidy too.
Pareidolia was everywhere,
In shadows, bushes, holly trees.
Life seemed to have completely changed.

(Strange thoughts are not uncommon
At my stage of life and living.)

Much solidarity is being stripped –
Like the leaves off the trees –
And all about is uncertainty,
Unsound ground, new disorder –
Why, even death is in the air!
Yet I am not with despair,
Insanity, or mental ‘fracticality’,
Or loss of my essential core.

The season of good cheer is here
In my World of changeability,
Covid, and fragmenting democracy.
Only my soulmate will raise a glass
Over a vegetarian Christmas pie.
And there will be a tear in my eye
For all the scenes that are banked
In the mystic ‘ecstatic’ records.
There’ll be none other to share a toast
Within the range of my physicality.

These others, and the whole outer world –
Beyond my glassy auric armour –
Could all be imaginary,
souls and manifestations
I watch within my camera obscura,
Whilst I am occultly seated
In some mighty directorial chair,
Painting a suppositious scene
that seems suddenly…

Upside down.

© griffonner 2023
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Enjoyed reading your creation.

We are all to some extent directing the orbit of our lives, and trying to avoid colliding with the other directors, real or imagined, out there, whether stimulated by pareidolia or not.

As long as we breathe and can enjoy the limited time we spend on the earth that’s all that matters. And even if it is imaginary, lets enjoy the beauty of breathing itself.




I like the thought of having “an intriguing nebulous window”. I hope that we get a lot more masterly pieces of creativity while you’re gazing through it!

all the best


My you love your botany. This makes me think (again and often) of neural plasticity and what we will be after a year of trauma and mental rewiring. At least your beloved greenery will retain its essence.


it’s difficult to add a comment on a poem whose at least three key-meanings were used for poems you also wrote, it’s all a poetic dialogue really, which is destined to remain largely unexpressed.

I can only say I liked how you wrote it. Cheers!

when I wrote my poems talking about the opal aspect the presence etc I didn’t think I was writing something new and I am not writing for such reasons, I am always certain others have similar ideas but each has his own way of saying it, originality which most of us have stems from our Voice, our Style. The ideas are already there, we just have to find them and create. Thanks

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