Rose is not a word

The word rose doesn’t
emulate any colour, no matter
how perfectly read,
it doesn’t carry any sense 
of smell either, however
flawlessly the speaker accents.

© supratik 2022
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“A rose by any other name would be just as sweet.” In order for us to be on the same page we have to settle on a common set of symbols to represent what we perceive around us. The word rose conjures for me an image of a pink petalled flower that smells of vanilla – because that is how my daughter talks about it. I am on the same page as her.


I don’t get it Supratik. The word rose conjures up such beauty in my mind, colours, smells, sights and an escape from the ugliness of the rest of the world.
always maintained, I could not understand those who could not believe in a superior power on smelling a rose.

You are a deep thinker. I need to know more
Alison x


You are correct, Supratik, “rose” is not a word, it is an abstract concept. The process of placing value onto abstract concepts, because that is what the “world” around us is light being reflected off objects which are not what we see but are “created” by our need to understand. In critical theory this is studied as reification. This is the tendency for individuals to ascribe a definitive value or form to an abstract concept. It is perceiving or regarding something other than for what it was originally intended. Reification can also refer to the brain’s ability to fill in… Read more »

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