The supreme species

I think this discourse in French is relevant.

farmers, who feed the human 
civilization, are starving to death,
women, ‘used’ to breed the supreme 
species are getting violated;

rich becoming richer,
poor poorer, as an aftermath 
of the vulgar growth and 
development, global warming, 
in the heat of hatred and wrath; 

wars have advanced,
they have become viral, 
digital, cyber, nuclear;

on the other hand, volumes 
are written with chosen words,
selective histories, measured 
Ps and Qs to highlight generosity, 
magnanimity, and benevolence,
to fill the lifeless shelves, grease
pockets of lofty ideas with the milk 
of human kindness that never comes
to play on the needy fields;

we are taught by design, to be positive, 
with heaps of hopes on transformation, 
on the resurrection, to be proud as the 
supreme species born with consciousness, 
the sole differentiator from the rest
of the nature-abiding creatures;

in this day and age, basking in self-glory,
blinded by towers of achievement, 
screeching accolades, appreciations
nothing goes inside, no guilt, 
no shame, no remorse, no atonement. 

© supratik 2023
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I take contention with this line:
women, who breed the supreme 
species are getting violated;

Its is not women who breed the supreme species, they are “used” to breed. Males impregnate them in various ways, and i would suggest they are not complicit with the breeding and the selective abortions which then are forced upon them.


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