bird has flown

bird has flown
we walked the windswept wildness
stepping onto marram tussocks
to keep our hiking boots
from stagnant water
her eyes sparkling
she laughed at the rain
dripping from her nose
onto the faint fuzz
of her upper lip,
stuck her tongue out at me,
and licked the wet away
in a momentary epiphany
the penny dropped;
I loved her before –
after a fashion –
but suddenly knew
she was the one for me
while she had loved me
I did not deserve her
confession time
come clean
draw a line
clear the air
once and for all
forgive and forget
I kissed her cheek,
tasting raindrops,
and run mascara,
and opened up,
“I’m sorry…”
she put a finger to her lips
pointed out a hen harrier
wheeling, swooping,
cavorting, hunting
‘look, that’s you’
“…I’ve been a bastard, honey,
I’m sorry for leaving, ‘love you, baby’
on your answerphone
while I smoked in bed with another
and calling her name, not yours,
while we were having sex that time
and her long blonde hairs
you picked off my pillow
and those scratches you found 
scored on my back
I’m sorry he left you
when you told him
how much you loved me
I’m sorry for pressing
the termination on you
when I knew how much
you wanted a child,
I’m sorry for… ”
she put a finger to my lips
smiled across the void between us
pointed out the hen harrier
still wheeling, swooping,
cavorting, hunting
‘look, that’s you’
stepping onto marram tussocks
to keep her hiking boots
from stagnant water
she stalked the windswept wildness away

© coolhermit 2023
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The hen harrier wheeling……..hunting. I see you imprinted into that sentence.

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