Ashamed to death

I’m ashamed to be born
as a human being, 
doubly ashamed to be born
as a man, I wouldn’t choose
to end my life, 
but I’m waiting to die. 

© supratik 2023
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I think your poem aptly describes the angst of many a man, Supratik. I have an understanding of your words (that I accept might not be the one in your mind) and it causes me to suggest that there are women too who might to drawn to feel this way. Also, I consider that in a way it is a ‘get out’ notion, if you will: Does the chaos ‘we’ have brought, not deserve rehabilitative efforts to rectify and heal it? Or, do we leave the mess for eons, writhing in pain, waiting for someone, something, to come along and… Read more »

I wasn’t judging you, Supratik. If I was judging anybody it was myself! As we are all part of the whole then we all share in the guilt, shame and depression of the history of misdeeds. So I fully understand where you thoughts are coming from, and I defend your right to have your own thoughts and feelings. I do feel, myself, as a comment in contrast, that there is another part of the whole who do good deeds, have good thoughts, help others, practice giving love (to themselves and others.) Our media delights in telling us of negativity; telling… Read more »


I’m a bit puzzled by this piece, supratik. Why should you – or anyone else – be ashamed of being a human being or man? Even the world’s worst characters such as Hitler, Mobutu, Pol Pot, Stalin, Idi Amin and Mugabe didn’t decry themselves, so artistic people like yourself are an antidote to evil.
What would you sooner be born as? You’ve got infinitely more chance of making your mark on Earth as you are, rather than as a tigress or ewe etc.
Best wishes,

well I don’t think that such a sacrifice will help women etc or the planet. we Greeks have a saying: the devil has many feet. you don’t want to ever read a single passage from a book talking about the Inquisition and the things they did to both males and females. or what evil Amazons did when they raided villages to young girls. females are able to be equally disgusting. for example [ ……..wrote a couple of examples but deleted them for the sake of hope ] evil is not a matter of our gender. it’s genderless.. that’s why it… Read more »

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first of all nobody can provide solid proof that this is the only world so a big IF emerges, If there are other worlds they could be better than this one or worse, at least some of them could be either. If this is the only world then evil things happen and as time goes by all sentient beings eventually confront, live, experience or commit something evil. I’ve experienced some pretty bad things, the last thing I would ever feel is shame, but yeah shame on the individuals that abused a child and one of them beat me too so… Read more »

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This is a difficult one for me. The atavistic nature of human beings tends towards cruelty and darkness, but the veil of civility which is imprinted onto us from birth tempers that, allows us to appreciate, to love, to create and much more. The answer is not to kill ourselves but to attune ourselves to the needs of others and also the ecosystem of which the earth is a part. We need to inspire and be inspired.



There’s no need to be embarrassed; It is I who should be embarrassed that my intellect is not sufficient to unravel your poem. My mistake to say” kill ourselves”; my intention was that we should not wait for or welcome death, but rather agitate to break down what is wrong and build what is right.


Hmm – no need to be ashamed – unless you are complicit in mans misdoings. These are a spur to rise above and seek after righteousness.


I feel your pain…and hopelessness.

It is such a private thing that,once expressed, conjures up all sorts of different feelings in the readers.
I am a woman but I also find it very hard to be here now. There is a great sickness permeating humanity and it’s got nothing to do with any virus.
Alison x

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