Reasons To Be Cheerful

….with good humour and a radiant smile

I often ask myself: is there any room
for happiness, in these days of gloom?
Yes of course, there are reasons aplenty
for me to be cheerful in Twenty-twenty.
I wake up in the morning, glad to be alive
and I no longer work from nine to five.
Now that I’m retired, I’m a man of leisure;
I feel relaxed, not under constant pressure.
My time is my own, I can do what I like;
I may linger in bed or exercise on a bike.
There is a lot of scope for authors to write
a magnum opus and set the world alight.
It is a possibility I may wish to pursue;
having scribbled a bit it is nothing new.
On the other hand, I may find the need
to increase my knowledge and read.
Despite the current imposed inactivity
I still have the freedom of creativity.
Though working to excel is hard graft
I feel fairly confident in my craft.
If under lockdown, restrictions harden
I can always enjoy staying in the garden
by myself or with someone in my bubble
and it will save everyone a lot of trouble.
I would like to meet and hug my friends
but I can’t do that till the epidemic ends
– and this hasn’t been the only gripe –
yet I still see them on Zoom or on Skype.
Although some people are being fearful
that it might end in tears, I am hopeful
that we shall overcome the recent trial
with good humour and a radiant smile.
© Luigi Pagano 2020

© ionicus 2023
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This made me smile. I can see the sun behind the clouds beginning to round and strengthen. Thanks Luigi.


Yes, Luigi, it is the best of days and the worst of days. Im still ecstatic we ended the Cold War without nuclear annihilation. This pandemic is a hard lesson and it looks difficult to even determine who handled it correctly.


Brilliant! Made my day. I’m not alone after all! 🙁

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