Flack Chuckers!

In a despondent moment. Well, I’m allowed.












Like lambs to the slaughter
they stumble on, signs aloft,
believing they can cause
change to the valleys,
to the fields, the beaches,
the cities, the flack chuckers.
But the flack chuckers laugh
inwardly like demented demons,
for they have found bliss
with gold flecked bath bombs,
and dosh stuffed mattresses,
Lamborghinis and Mayfair pads.
In truth there is shit
At both ends of the rainbow,
just more at one grimy end
than the other sparkly one.
But both ends have shit
of one kind or another


© griffonner 2023
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We all have our moments! I blame global warming myself; my brain is frazzled and I’m losing my hair.

I’m off to find a t..d to polish.


haha, well that is another name for them. I think we are all getting heart sick of everything to be honest. The world is in chaos.
Best to stay indoors with a good book, some soothing music and the devil take the rest!

Alison x *hugs*


yes. the rainbow. something tells me this poem has a spiritually challenging side

really thought-provoking

the rainbow is part of my theory. a big part, or should I say the post big bang part. I may try to illustrate it somehow some day over the rainbow (funnily enough this song has a hidden meaning, intentional or unintentional.)

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