Achilles’ Rising

The 3rd poem in the series exploring the theme of “This Is”

Achilles’ Rising

There can be no unknowing of this is

Since this is that that must be is.


Scavengers of is are we;

In dust and ash scrabbling to see


Which eye can pivot past the are

Of is, the planes of is, higher


Past the quarks promising bright to be’s,

Unaware our life, its short lease,


Cannot flower until the syntax has been stilled,

The mines separating was, will and is are killed.


Then, only then, will is be is,

And was feed is, and is be will;

Only then can we begin to bloom,

Far from our dead gods, their tall tombs

Shrined with aborted futilities.


Before us, there, the high walls of Troy loom.


© Bhi 2023
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we meet our destiny when we see the high walls of Troy, so why not Is too? or anti-is.

I had a problem here with English, but I doubt a google translation into Greek would help me.

no unknown words for me but very difficult to formulate a meaning.

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