another little piece of my heart

another little piece of my heart
the night porter ignored the girl
creeping with me from the cheap hotel –
he’s seen it all before
her cheeks are streaked with run mascara
she’s wearing golden lame pants
bandeau boob tube, crotchless knickers,
and shivering against the cold –
I’m dressed right for early strolls
“John, you ripped my tights – keep them – they’re yours – no extra”
my name’s not John
a squall from nowhere
rips my umbrella away
it cartwheels prong-over-prong
across littered sand to open sea
I hand the girl a cigarette
she lights it, draws deep,
coughs to clear her throat
spits and walks away –
she knows an all-night café
her tattooed thighs are chapped
grapefruit dimpled, purple veined
that precious hennaed ‘Brazilian’
I buried my head in
dreading I might suffocate
is now a sour memory
I call after the golden pants –
(I don’t know her name)
‘thanks for… you know… do it again?’
she waves – a single finger stabs the sky
I fill my lungs with Camel smoke
seafront air, and my mind
with vague regrets
out of season Morecambe,
(the ‘Naples of the North’)
and last night’s trick
with a low-rent tramp
before my eyes
a lifetime loop
of lovers, girlfriends,
one-night standers –
untouched by age and infirmity
(still luscious and flourishing)
triumphantly waving
a piece of my heart
plays and replays,
mocking me
I wish they would go away.

© coolhermit 2023
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So much sadness and regret woven into this sordid colourless liaison.
Very clever as always, Rick
Pity it didn’t get on the front page. It might be missed by some readers

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