A Walk on Dunwich Beach

I just love this place (photo c. 1900 . . . church long gone now)



Wind rouses my hair on Dunwich Beach.

A tangle rendered to a messy thatch.

Waves churn mud coloured sand.

Currents smooth stones torn from

defenceless cliffs by winter storms.  


One for every human on the planet.

Plenty to spare for Suffolk rockeries

or repairs to flint faced Norfolk cottages.

Useful nodules mingling with fossil shells.

A pebble bed for bleached tree-stumps —

coastal gardens, stolen at sea.


Fragments of thirteenth-century bricks

returned to land by North Sea tides.

Norman stone from drowned churches  

slowly ground to sand. Gravestones

worn wordless by shifting sea-bed gravel.

Rare bones of buried Dunwich burgers

lie naked under cold winter sun.

© Guaj 2023
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Gosh! That really is an brilliant observation of time, let alone giving the reader your knowledge of the place. Another of ‘those places’ that become hallowed in our hearts and minds. It feels a privilege to have you share it.

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