small poem

Lisa called from a mineral shop

In Nashville–a trilobite.

I gave a long-held, treasured one,

To R., later replaced it in Taos,

Which became a gift for S.

So, a trilobite awaits a quester

To take it up, weigh it in her hand,

An ancient token, a passage

Into a world evolving, as I type.

© slovitt 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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I remember this from first time round I think. Maybe you have altered it slightly?
The world sure is evolving alright.
I will take it lol
Alison x


let me guess, this is not your first poem nor your last. Hesperides.

and it all started with a challenge to write about Diana. do you still have that poem? if you find Hesperides as inspiring as trilobites write something HeadFrog.

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