The Year Moves On.


Too soon the trees begin to 

hold the softening blush

of autumn;

the faintest touch of gold

has brushed across their

open palms,

nature looks upon her

paints and readies now

her palette. 

© sweetwater 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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not sure about ‘now’ and ‘too soon’. Is there something else you are almost reporting alongside? interesting and promising poem.

Many people have noticed changes in trees, and trees are indicators of disturbances or anomalies in nature, so partly I thought this might be an eco-poem because of too soon.

Too soon and then now, for me indicated that the poem also speaks about a personal issue also, now is something that occurs ‘too soon’.

thanks for clarifying! well your poem is deeper than you think at least in my case!

take care


Hi Sue,
Short and very sweet. I like the echoes in ‘blush’ and ‘brushed’, and again more tellingly in ‘palms’, ‘paints’, and ‘palette’. Such a large message in few words… Excellent
Jim x


Short and sweet. I like the brevity. It paints a picture of a thousand colours or autumn.

Last edited 2 years ago by Verb

So much conveyed with such clarity. Beautiful images.


Sue, you really have a way of bringing pastoral and nature observations to life. Brilliant.


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