nevertheless is an adverb that means
the heretofore does not diminish the hereinafter
or to re-interpret the first law of thermodynamics
time has no friction
nevertheless I am a little more worn out now
than I was a moment ago
this is not caused by time 
but by atoms escaping from my skin like 
fleas trampolining on a dog’s head 
and sometimes failing to return when friction
gravity and the angular momentum of the dog
conspire to have them land instead on the living room carpet
heretofore and hereinafter are also adverbs
so speaking with strictness I should be avoiding them
like fleas excited atoms also experience friction 
it is the recoil that reduces their mass when they emit a photon
similar to your recoil when you discover fleas 
on your favourite pet and emit a scream
when my grandson was ten I asked him to explain the theory of gravity
he asked me to clarify if I wanted the Newtonian version or Einstein’s 
he has autism—the super-intelligent kind—but he didn’t know the inverse rule 
regarding separation nor the direct one regarding mass
that’s internet parental controls for you—allow the big picture
but no graphic detail of the equations
equations are neither the trunk end of the elephant nor the tail 
rather they are the elephant-proof fencing
used to round-up the beast and brand it with the mark of cain
elegantly I hope

© alexander 2023
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I enjoyed the read without seeing the point. At one point I sensed the jibe at the rule keepers, then it became vague and almost like verbal gymnastics taken beyond tolerance. I have to stress this is just my opinion, not a condemnation of the verse or your undoubted talent for poetry.

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