The Song of the Viral Particle

A rhyme for the times


O dear, what can the matter be
Politicians thought they could splatter me
Maybe I should sort out a twat or three
Whoever they are, I don’t care.

Take off that mask to show me I’m not frightening
Your reactions are, I agree, most enlightening
While all the time my grip I am tightening
Try and pretend I’m not there.


You think that you can escape my infection?
Your ideas may need a bit of correction
As I lie low to await resurrection
It may be a spike or a wave.


The atmosphere swirling around you is seething
With particles which permeate it, enwreathing
The safe thing to do would be to stop breathing
I’ll usher you into the grave.


© shadow 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Hi Shadow,
I really enjoyed this. You do have to sing it to get the best of it, so it takes a bit of preplanning! Only three twats?


Hi Shadow, so lovely to see you back again and with something like this. Very cleverly written and now I have the tune stuck in my head.


Agree with Jim; I sang this and now I am permeated!


My puppies ran away but I thoroughly soaked in the experience!


So well sang and very timely.

I have my own song about the particle but I’m not sure UKA is ready just yet. Perhaps not as sweet as yours.


A lot of rogue RNA karaoke lately.

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