Pillow Talk

Empty words that matter.

Every time she phones it’s nearly time for bed.

You answer, wishing you could say,

‘I’m too tired to talk now.’

But you say ‘Hi,’ and wait for opening lines.


A conversation splutters into life.

Did you hear from Paul? You tell how

you pissed him off. Both laugh about it and

words flow. You learn about new clothes


She takes an interest in your new car and

tells about the one Brad bought for her

last week. You know she knows

it’s better than yours,

but it’s never mentioned.


The subject returns to Paul’s politics, his

strange swing to the right for no apparent

reason. The weather “where you are”

is  discussed in full.

She may visit in the fall.


She inquires about your mum’s health

offering understanding words. You talk

about your favourite TV show.

You hear her eyes glaze over. 

It’s time for excuses.


Two hours out of your life when you should

be sleeping and nothing has been said.

You wonder why she phones.

You wonder why you like her to.

You wonder why You care.

© Guaj 2023
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oh dear, I cannot stand phone calls that last this long, you really captured the scene and it was very well written.



Such conversations matter because we like to be listened to, to know that that there is someone out there willing to take the time to listen.

Very well written.


An insightful and slightly poignant expose of human nature.
I used to sometimes cringe hearing my mum on the phone with her constant repetition and forgetfulness. I did however, know there would come a time I would give anything to hear that voice again..just once more…and it came. 🙁

Very well written.

Alison x


She puts the ‘phone down and breathes a sigh. “I feel better now I have spoken to him.” She says to herself whilst crossing your name of her list of ‘things to do’.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Your poem does that though. it makes you visualise the event exceedingly well. Can I say I enjoyed reading it? Well, I did, but I really understand where you are coming from.

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