A Suitable Job

I will consider anything.

I scrutinise adverts
that offer employment.
I am looking for a job
that will pay the rent.

I will consider anything
even if the work is menial
but ideally I would prefer
something more congenial.

I once tried my hand
at being a steeplejack;
as I suffer from vertigo
I soon got the sack.

Oh, to be like Hamilton
who races at full throttle!
But at 200 miles per hour
I know I’d lose the bottle.

Being a highwayman
could be my next task:
for the last nine months
I’ve been wearing a mask.

© Luigi Pagano 2020

© ionicus 2023
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And the way its looking that mask may become a permanent feature.

Highly enjoyable,


Excellent Luigi! Gave me a right (well needed) laugh.
How I have come to detest masks. 🙁

Alison x


Nice one, Luigi! I had a good chuckle. The way I’m feeling at the moment, were I a highwayman I would be pointing my pistol at the masketeer.

Good one Allen. I may one day want to point the pistol at my own head! lol 😉
Alison x


With respect, the government are not capable of retraining anyone. (Government or Gouvernement, whichever!)

Can those who need retraining retrain, I wonder.

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