I don’t know if anyone else watched Adrea Bocelli’s ‘Music For Hope’ – Live From Duomo di Milano?  (It is/was on YouTube.)  The camera work gave me a new insight into Covid19 and what it has done to the World.  There’s no doubt the World will never be the same again – but what will it really be like?  I have Hope. I’ve always had Hope. Hang on to Hope. Hang on to love.

Golden Madonna Duomo


A world that has lost its way

Brought to heel by viral dust

That settles to the very ground

In just two meters – so they say.

A planet almost entirely quiet

Complete with all the ‘sites’

Built over centuries. Still. There.

With bright golden statues, aloft,

Balanced precariously on Duomo spires

Searching for signs of life below,

Finding only joyous singing birds

Freed from the tyranny of smog

And the grey suicide of exhausts.

Cathedrals huge and intricate

Stand empty of prayer speaking souls:

Their pews row after row aligned

To face the altar and the silent cross

Echo to the sound of falling dust

Or the creaking of aged construction.

And in their silence is magic beauty –

Some would feel it as ‘Divine Ecstacy’.

And yet, behind these skeletal scenes,

The futile rabid hussle of politics

Has yet to cease its dirty babble,

Its trickery and its deceitful spin…

Which sought to keep us all within…

But somehow awakened love instead.


© griffonner 2023
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