las de ce monde

as my curtains draw back
the room is rainbowed
by a swinging window-crystal
the ceiling, the walls, the carpet, dance
dance as the light stretches to them
settles upon them and clings to them
this austere room revives
I return to my bed –
an antique cloister
of brass and iron
a bed that has seen births
and has seen deaths
has heard and cherished
prayers for healing
prayers for salvation
lost souls’ blasphemies
pleasured lovers’ contented grunting  –
and idly count rainbows 
the garden pond
an untended accident of soil
an insect Olympiad
insect life
insect death
played out daily
under blanket-weed
in apple tree shade
my lover sips lemonade she made
she reads to me
blessings from Deuteronomy
the pages pinked with casual blossom
she brushes the petals
she smiles at me
I have no god
she is my hope
she does not know it
as evening falls
she leaves her reading
she kisses me,
she leaves me
slipping silently away
failing light loosens its hold
slipping silently away
with it my will to live
“Blessed are you when you come in,
and blessed are you when you go out…”

© coolhermit 2023
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