‘la chambre haute’

‘ve not written much lately – it’s hard to create when behind one there’s the insistent tap tap tapping of the gallows. Anyhow enough of that – here’s a first draft quickie – oo err matron! 🙂

she lived above me
every morning she sang
wistful Billie Holiday
sometimes Edith Piaf
at her window

I glimpsed her often
holding a palm of seed
for birds to feed
I never saw her face
just the outstretched hand

she had a pulley line
fixed to a towering elm
to hang her washing
the pulley squeaked
I oiled it surreptitiously

I imagined her smiling
always smiling
chiding her ginger cat
with laughter
for scratching the furniture

she lived above me
always alone
always singing
always happy
I never saw her face

I did not try to speak to her
nor want to be  
her lover or marry her –
she would make me happy

I would spoil her life.

© coolhermit 2023
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I really like this one. Beautifully whimsical
Lovely piece


She might have spoiled yours. You never know.
The possibilities of life, eh.
What might have been.
Sprinkles magic on the simple tale, does this piece.
Enjoyed it greatly.


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