Light of love

Light of love

I couldn’t understand you
My world, my love; I fear
There were rough and smooth
Patches we walked through,
The rich and the poor sides
Of being in love could
Perhaps never find the truth,
They lied on the ground beneath,
On the kingdom above.

Is that what made us part
Our ways? Our intimacy,
Being in love, didn’t it ever
Make any sense!
We’re going back into
Our tiny nests,
Fighting our battles,
Our struggles of being
Under the weather
All alone, wandering around
Belonging to none,
An exiled lover.

Being in love isn’t easy
For there are these notions
Born before us, clouding our vision
The dead history recreates walls,
Barriers of the mind
That can’t be cracked;
We had to lose
At the end of it all.

Tomorrow the stars will rise again
Light of love will never go in vain.

© supratik 2023
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