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‘I’m planning on springtime and warm April showers,’

said the weather.

And the daffodil listened deep in its bulb,

curled with its flower buds tightly together.

‘Unwrap your green leaves and prepare for the sun,’

said the weather.


The rain it fell warmly on unfrozen earth,

warmed by the sun, and wherever

that warmth touched with green thumb,

life began stirring. ‘Get ready for birth,’

said the weather.


‘The snow is long gone and gentle the wind,’

said the weather.

And the daffodil, restless,

more tempted than ever,

thrust up her leaves to sample the air

and the weather.



the soft rain turned overnight to snow,

and frost spread out its cold feathers,

and the new lambs shivered,

and the river stopped flowing.

‘I was joking, you know,’

said the weather.

© Daffni 2023
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This is absolutely charming, Daffni. 🙂


Oh, the weather really does like to trick us, doesn’t it? This is lovely and the last two lines are perfect.

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