I will perform nevertheless

Nature says, ‘I do have a huge audience
Who love to see my performance.
They don’t follow me
Yet, wherever I shower, they follow
They listen to my streams that flow
They treasure high and low
My beauty, my bounty;
Yet, they don’t listen to me.

I bloom, they bomb
I heal, they kill
I support, they stab
I give, they grab
I unite, they divide
I love, they hate
I offer opulence, happiness
They bring poverty, sadness;
Guns, weapons, plastics, mechanical madness
Crowd the ground, cloud them night and day
In me, they invent unnatural tools;
But they praise my play
In action, or in silence,
Unemulated, my stage is perpetually houseful.

They see me, they hear
What I do for them
With emotion and intelligence,
They sing, write pages
About me, but I wonder since ages
What’s gone wrong with their sense
For many inactive, inert years
They remained passive spectators;
They’ve chanted hymns, holy prayers
All in words, lifeless words,
While through their deeds, 
Nurtured hatred, suicidal violence
For a long time,
They’ve not used their pairs
Of eyes and ears.

I will wait for you with patience.
For you, my supreme audience
I will perform nevertheless.’

© supratik 2023
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