Sex Ed.

Let our children have their childhood.

Sex education; when they’re still a pup

Childhood lost; before they’ve grown up
Why teach our kids about such adult themes?
A wee bit of knowledge; is a dangerous thing

Kept in the dark about pleasures of flesh
Into our teens when sex ed. was addressed
We were only interested in the latest fashions
Voice broken before Dad spoke of passion

No mystery for youth of this modern age
Innocence gone at pre-pubescent stage
Hurtling too quickly into puberty’s plight
Missing special moments of magical delight

Flirting; Teasing; Wooing, the ability to flatter
They cut to the “doing”; nothing else matters
Cold expectation displaces romance
No fumbling in the dark, after the dance

New found emotions, always eager to learn
Immature minds can’t handle lustful yearn
Wild oats scattered; abundance of thrills
Love doesn’t matter, if she’s on the pill

Loving hearts broken, pain hard to swallow
This was forever, how could he be so hollow
True love; once magic; trust used to be sacred
Now very often tragic; romance may be dead

© popeye 2023
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