Power of prayer

No, I am not a doctor,
A mere writer.

I wonder if I can put the world at ease
With my prayer? Here I try
I humbly write my lines,
To heal the endemic disease.

O God (atheists, agnostics
may replace God, Goddess
with anything that suits them)

O God, please save the world
From this mayhem
For I know there is nothing truer
than positive vibrations,
And between you and me
There is nothing but energy.

Let us not waste time
Looking for the Brutus;
The viral game is a global shame,
Let us pray to Krishna, Allah, Jesus
Or whosoever it may concern
This coronavirus
Has disappeared
From the face of the earth.


Please let us pray so we can put this global headache, the coronavirus, behind us. Nature has surprising ways to tell us that we are all one.

© supratik 2023
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I can only wish that prayers like yours work miracles at some point. I do not think this coronavirus is a nothing burger, probably the final big test drive but perhaps something not even remotely controllable by humans, the Plague itself.

I am very suspicious of this ‘corona virus’ and ‘viruses’ in general, this could also be the case of regular cold/flu being classified as ‘insert a new exotic name’ and fear mongering perpetrated by TPTB to achieve nefarious goals. This simple protocol you are talking about is the best we, the common people, can follow, but it seems that having faith in your logic and being suspicious of any exaggerations is also the best way to not pollute any further your mind with lies. If it is coming from nature if it is a natural reaction it will run its… Read more »

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