Describing a scene to a blind girl

Can you imagine colours

If I provide the clues

Will emotions tactile senses

Decipher green from blue


First clue is the darkness

You already know too well

Portraying the grey of clouds

From which the rain drops fell


Feel the icy breeze biting to the bone

Depicting colour blue, when we are alone

The golden setting sun, will keep us warm

A cloak of comfort, spun from lucky charms


Sheltering beneath the twins of arbour

Seeking comfort, neath the foliage harbour

A lonely figure bathed in fading light

Soon to be engulfed by dark of night


But she is unaware of changing scenes

Ignorance is bliss, or so it seems

Though most of her senses are refined

She is deprived of sight, she is blind


She smiles, as I describe what lies around

I fear my words have fell on stony ground

The images I depict of natures creations

Paint vivid scenes, in her imagination


Pretty pictures, the sighted take for granted

By outer beauty, we are easily enchanted

But ugliness, can too quickly be perceived

Inner beauty, is not readily well received


The sightless girl who sits beneath the tree

Unhampered by short-sightedness of me

Can smile because perception sets her free

Her minds eyes chooses what she wants to see

© popeye 2023
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